Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor weight gains.... again

This weeks weight gain was very poor. It was only 80g. Last weeks was much better, at 210g. So, we're now at 6.88kg. That's still in the bottom 3 percent for babies. *sigh*
It could be worse. It could easily have been a negative gain (that is, a loss).


Anonymous said...


that's no good, but yeah a gain is better than a loss..

happy birthday to her for yesterday...I can't believe she is one already!!!

Marieke said...

Okay, so bottom 3% isn't great, but it's still within the range considered normal for kids her age.

I think sometimes too much emphasis is placed on being somewhere high up in the percentages, which makes no sense when you have a large range of what's considered "normal", and that someone, inevitably, is going to have to make up that lower portion of the range.

Is she maintaining her growth curve? because that would be much more important than what percentile she's plotting at.

InfoxicatingLady said...

That's kinda the point, Lil. She's once more dropping off the percentiles. When they say "bottom 3 percent", what they actually mean is "everyone not in the top 97%, including the drastically underweight". Similarly, top 3 percent is morbidly obese.
And no. Her gains are not on a curve still, unless you're using the scientific term for a curve, which is anything that can be graphed :P