Friday, September 26, 2008

Second guessing point

I'm at second guessing point.
See, I had Margaret at pathology today.
She had a sweat chloride test and bloods done. I also had to give them 2 fecal samples, and apparently, 24 hours worth of urine tests. They can be happy with one urine sample (which I'll be giving them tomorrow), and the second fecal sample is still to be delivered.
Anyways, crux of the story.
She screamed blue murder when they were doing the blood test. I felt so guilty for pushing them, now.
And now, I'm asking myself is there anything I could have done differently?
What if I hadn't worked up until 37 weeks?
What if I hadn't worked in a pub?
What if...? (getting the idea?)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Margaret has been referred to a paediatrician

Earliest the paed has any openings is February.
Something needs to be done about rural health in AU.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I took Margaret back to the GP today. She's had a bit of a cough and vomit thing again.
She's still weighing in too small (still less than 6 kg, and she's nearly 9 months old :/ )
I've got a referral for bloods, urine and stool samples, and they want to do a pertussis swab. Its not likely to be pertussis (she's been immunised), but still... better safe than sorry, I guess.
I've also got a referral for a paediatrician. This paed is connected to an immunologist, speech therapist, and dietitian, and even better, is totally covered by medicare.
I'll keep you updated.