Friday, September 26, 2008

Second guessing point

I'm at second guessing point.
See, I had Margaret at pathology today.
She had a sweat chloride test and bloods done. I also had to give them 2 fecal samples, and apparently, 24 hours worth of urine tests. They can be happy with one urine sample (which I'll be giving them tomorrow), and the second fecal sample is still to be delivered.
Anyways, crux of the story.
She screamed blue murder when they were doing the blood test. I felt so guilty for pushing them, now.
And now, I'm asking myself is there anything I could have done differently?
What if I hadn't worked up until 37 weeks?
What if I hadn't worked in a pub?
What if...? (getting the idea?)


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Marieke said...

Blood tests are never fun. Dashiell had his first ones at 2-3 days old, and especially because we had to keep going back because the stupid machine kept saying there wasn't enough for the second half of the test, it was pretty traumatic, and at one point I had to leave the room because I was so upset (new mama, no sleep, hormones etc.). I have to take him for his lead test soon, and I'm really not relishing that *at all*. I'm waiting until he gets over his cold/flu thing though first... last thing he needs is to have that heaped on top.

By the way, I don't see how not working until 37 weeks would have made a difference. Also, all things considered, I doubt that working in a pub would have made a huge impact either (especially given that they banned smoking there too several years ago, right?).

Once they figure out what's going on, the odds are that when you get down to it, there is nothing you could have done to influence the way things turned out. Hopefully at least they'll be able to assuage that feeling of guilt you have.

I know that feeling well, obviously, and even when all rational thought points to the fact that there was nothing you could have done at all, there is always that niggling feeling.